L' Ape Piaggio con motore 4 tempi

Ape Piaggio

I am Ape, a three-wheeled vehicle with the soul of a truck.

I am a rebel who has decided not to follow in the footsteps of his father, Ape Car, and to devote himself to transporting people rather than transporting construction materials or for the countryside.

I help my travel companion Vito in this adventure, trying to make the commendable beauties of Matera appreciate through my city tours in the most comfortable way possible.

I am a young and aggressive vehicle, registered in 2015, even if with a very vintage design.

I am produced directly by the Italian company Piaggio under the name of “Ape Calessino 200”, my engine is a 200 Petrol 4-stroke.

I can easily climb the steep slopes of the Sassi and free myself quickly and easily between the narrow alleys in the rocky streets.

They are the last of the Piaggio “calessino” models, before me, in the 70s, there was the six-seater version with a 200 2-stroke petrol engine, these can still be found today in the towns of Ischia and Capri, the next model was equipped with a 450 Diesel engine and then I arrived!