Special occasions and weddings

Renting an Ape Calessino to visit Matera is an innovative and intriguing way to immerse yourself in the city context. The Ape Calessino, as its story tells, is a vehicle suitable for making special occasions unique, for celebrating important parties and anniversaries, for spending an alternative evening in the company of friends.

What can you celebrate with Ape Vito Calessino?

You can book Ape Vito Calessino for:

  • organize a traveling stag party
  • give a touch of originality to an engagement
  • characterize a wedding and let yourself be carried away
  • organize a romantic Valentine’s evening
  • share an aperitif
  • set a birthday

Wedding tours

Weddings in Ape Calessino are cheerful and fun. Renting a Piaggio Ape is an innovative way to make the most beautiful day in every couple’s life even more unique and unforgettable.
I will accompany you and your sweetheart to discover the Sassi: glimpses, landscapes and panoramas will be the backdrop to your happiness.

For a special wedding in Matera in Ape Calessino it is possible:

  • give the newlyweds the experience of a wedding tour in the Ape Calessino;
  • make an alternative choice and rent an Ape Calessino as a ‘double’ means of transport.

Giving or treating yourself to Ape Vito Calessino means renting it for the duration of the event and, above all, during the highlight of the day:

  • in the path from home to the place where the wedding will be celebrated;
  • at the end of the ceremony, for the usual photos in panoramic places of the city;
  • during the celebrations, for solitary breaks.

Ape Calessino is a vehicle that moves easily through the capillary streets of the Sassi and manages to creep into characteristic and particular ravines, where other means of transport cannot reach.

Matera is a destination chosen by many couples to fulfill their dream of love. There are many foreigners who from Japan, the United States and European countries reach the city of the Sassi to celebrate and celebrate their wedding.

Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day in Ape Calessino, do you know a more original and romantic way to celebrate the feast of lovers? I have prepared a panoramic tour of Matera that combines the charm of the places with the romantic atmosphere that animates them at particular times of the day. Dive into a magnificent dream, spend Valentine’s Day in Matera aboard Ape Vito Calessino: serenity and sweetness will make this occasion extraordinary.

Get on the Ape Vito Calessino and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the ancient districts of Matera. The rock, the caves, the candles that illuminate the houses in the evening and that look like stars, make up a unique scenario that perfectly frames the feelings of a couple. Visiting the Sassi at night is an experience you cannot do without. Doing it on the day of lovers together with the person you care about gives it an even more intense meaning. Very often the simplest things are the unforgettable ones. The ancient Sassi districts are the place of simplicity, silence, breaks, romanticism.