My name is Vito, after a long period away from Matera, I decided to return to convey to tourists and visitors the love and passion I have for my city and guide them to get to know Matera in Ape Calessino.

I graduated in “Economics and Marketing” at the University of Parma. Back in Matera, I immediately started to get back in touch with my land, rediscovering the beauty and life of these places. After a brief interlude between internships, training experiences and various kinds of jobs, I decided to actively participate in the great change that was affecting my hometown.

I did it in a way that I like to define ‘romantic’: telling the story of the Sassi driving a legendary and flamboyant Piaggio Ape Calessino. My visits to Matera in Ape Calessino are also enriched by the memories and anecdotes of my grandparents, with whom I grew up.

I am a licensed tour guide and I can accompany and guide you to discover the city of the Sassi and nearby Puglia. At the base of my business are: knowledge, passion, desire to have fun and explore

If you want to know the stories and events of the city of the Sassi, if you want to discover the ancient districts with an exciting tour and through the love I feel for my land, book an ape tour of Matera.
My proposal is wide and diverse: discover all my tours!